From Hard-Edged to Sap in 1 Flower Flat

I am a fan of Stargazer lilies and its all Adam's fault. So is the fact that I now like getting flowers and get teary-eyed at sad movies (or t.v. shows) and that I cried like none other when he proposed. I used to be a hard-rock edgy tough and somewhat tomboy chicka. But...It is official - Adam has sap-ified me, and it all started with a group of stargazer lilies.

Adam spent a week with me the first time he was in Hawaii. He left, we were already in love, and I was crushed. In one week he had gone from being a friend I hadn't seen in many years but emailed on a regular basis, to my closest friend that I was head over heels for.

A few days later I got a call from a very confused delivery guy, who in turn confused the hell out of me because I knew the UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL guys all knew where our house was. Adam had sent me flowers! I am not normally a flower girl but I was thrilled. One issue - they were lilies - aren't they for funerals? And they were PINK. If I wasn't exactly a flower girl, I sure as heck was not a PINK person. But they were nice and the card was touching. I called and left a thank you message for him. The next day, one of my roommates walks by and comments on my STARGAZER LILIES!!! Anyone remember what I do. Oh yeah - ASTRONOMY! (well, astrophysics but similar deal.) How perfect and thoughtful was that?!?!?! So, he quickly got an excited new thank you message that I'm certain made him laugh.

A few years later, we are engaged, and my newest sister-in-law send me this stamp from Zazzle consideration for wedding papery.

I love it! Unfortunately, Zazzle ain't cheap and we aren't focusing on our papery as a splurge point for the wedding. But I loved the thought and that same sister-in-law is a floral designer who plans on making my bouquet for me... something tells me I might find a stargazer or two in there! (I hope!... hint hint...)

Anyone else have something that appears to be incredibly not "you" thats meaningful and to be incorporated in your wedding?

Any other brides to be that aren't focused on the papery aspect as a splurge point? I seem to be in the minority here.