Capricious Creativity: Barefoot Sandals

Anyone who knows me does not connect DIY with me. Creative? Sure. I can make duct tape do anything! Innovative? Sure. Give me a couple of random ingredients and I can make a costume, a centerpiece, or fix broken gizmos! Attention to detail? .....ummmm.... notsomuch. Actually, its not that I don't pay attention to the details, its just that "close enough" is pretty much my motto. Meticulous? ....heheheh....I'm sorry....hahhhahh!!!... yeah notsomuch me.

So with that in mind, imagine my friend's reactions when I said I was going to make my barefoot sandals... and theirs!!

After deciding that I wanted to wear barefoot sandals, and that the girls should be able to join me I started looking at the options available. There were some beautiful options! Some are cheaper than others, but I realized that I wanted to be able to personalize them for each girl. So why would I pay for the "shoes" and then pay for the materials to customize them? Enter my first wedding DIY!!

This one will be somewhat lacking in details because my camera and I had not yet entwined when it came to creating. (That and I wasn't so sure I would be successful!)

So I came up with 3 design options... which I made up as I went. So really, this is a DIY tease, since I have no designs , sketches, or pictures to post.....yet. Each of my girls has very different size feet - from a teeny tiny 5 1/2 to an 11! Different feet mean different shoes look good. So I sent the ones I made to each of them to try on and choose which style they want. When I make their "shoes" I herby pledge to take more detailed pictures and post instructions!
Images courtesy of me! ...hmm.. courtesy doesn't quite seem to be the right word considering the bad lighting, messy background, and lack of quality. ... Images my fault!Anyone else surprised a few with their DIY?


It's A Jaime Thing said...

Those are sooooo cool! I've seen them before, but never have I heard of a bride making them herself - that rocks. I can't wait to see how they come out...good luck! Geez, you could seriously sell those suckers if you really get into it and enjoy making them!

Anyhow, I saw you entered them into the contest over at www.isntshelovely.org, best of luck to you!


Anonymous said...

What if I had to step on a bug?

*Michelle said...

Find a book, a shoe, or you are the bride - ask someone else to do it!

Anonymous said...

How about a thin round disk with a target on the bottom for the squish part LOL!!!!