Inspiration Fun: Wordle!

So just a few moments ago, I was reading the updated "unread" of my google reader and came across yet another distraction for me.

The Pink Book Blog just posted "Wordle me this, Wordle me that"..... uhh - what?

PBB posts:
It literally is hours worth of fun! You can input words of your choice and Wordle randomizes it by color, font, layout, etc. Or it also has this great feature where you can input the URL of your blog or a website and it will pick from words used in your blog and randomly put together a word-collage! It is addicting, so beware!
Heed that WARNING!!! This is so much fun!!

Here's one that's a little more on the groom's side of view of my blog:

And I can't seem to figure out how to center this or enlarge it without it being too pixilated to read..hmmm... ok. I'll only post one more (and click on the links for much better viewing!!) before I blurr-blind everyone.

Darnit!! Ok - now I think I'm making it worse!! (ought to teach me to mess with HTML when I have no html coding skills!) grrr...ok - better idea - go play!!! And check out the much better posting skills of the Pink Book Blog.