Blog Bliss: The Bride's Cafe

Happy Monday!! (*read-congratulations for dragging your tail out of bed and going back to your normal weekly routine after a long, beautiful holiday weekend*)
I wanted to focus on another of my favorite blogs to stalk. This blog has such a wide range of features and styles that I always look forward my Google Reader announcing that there is an unread The Bride's Cafe post!

In Janie's Bio she writes:
I have been a floral designer for weddings and events for almost three years. I absolutely love what I do and I love making my clients happy with my floral designs. My mother always grew pretty little flower gardens and I can remember how she always took such special care of them and I think this is where I get my love of flowers.
TBC features many real weddings in full detail. From some inventive florals to the emotional moments, no detail gets left behind! She also posts some great style pages! She features such wedding porn as posts dedicated entirely to shoes, which always include some classic high fashion beauties, to some sense of humor unique personality types). She also includes features on other vendors and artists in the wedding field that might have else-wise been overlooked. Check out her feature of some custom veil makers! How fun is this? (side note teaser: when I start in on my dress shopping, we'll get to the "me in a birdcage" moment that had my mother and I rolling on the floor of the dress shop crying because we were laughing so hard.)
She has also included features on how to make your wedding a little easier on the environment. Many of these tips save some green in eco matters, and some green in economic matters! (Which, at the moment, tends to be in everyone's minds since we seem to be in a recession.... errr.. "bagel"... oh please tell me someone else got that?!?! Any other West Wing fanatic brides out there?? Anyone ? Bueller? Bueller? Wow, I've been at this blogging thing for 2 weeks and I'm already beginning to show my geek-factor!)

Ok, now on to some eye-candy courtesy of some of my favorites (*read-starred on my google reader*) from TBC:
I love the emotion in the images TBC posts. Its more than the details, where brides tend to get stuck and forget to enjoy the moment.

How unique is that chandelier?

Never run-of-the-mill on TBC.

Love the hair. I think I am taking this picture with me when I go fr my hair trial run.

Thinking a little more "high society" feeling? She features those too!

If you haven't yet added TBC to your blogroll - I highly recommend it for some great ideas and an amazing variety of eye candy!