Accidental Perfection

People say that the things you want tend to fall into place when you aren't searching for them. For some things, I agree. I wasn't looking for love when Adam stopped in Hawaii to visit, but 1 week in and I was head over heels. I wasn't the girl who was hounding for a ring or hinting at marriage. We were happy with our lives together and I wasn't going to try and shove the relationship in any new direction; and then he proposed.

Now if only this was true of wedding planning....

As you remember from previous posts, I went to a bazillion stores and tried on many dresses at each store before finding my dress... and then it took 6 posts to fill yall in on the process!! Then it took 3 times as long to find the company that was right for my girls' dresses.. which I condensed into 3 posts.

So I've got all these pretty new dresses picked out.... but some of my "staple" clothes in my closet were getting a little.... ok - A LOT worn out. So in a non-wedding planning I-need-new-tank-tops-and-jeans mode I went to Kohls. As I was walking towards the registers I meandered through the mens section and

AH!!!!!!!! (choirs of angels singing... not screaming)

THERE sitting on display beckoning to me with every ounce of color they could muster (muster-not mustard-yellow is not in the color scheme) were the PERFECT ties.

As I've said before, I am not detail oriented. I am also not a perfectionist. If the shade of the guys ties were off.. meh! I wouldn't care. BUT, since I put forth NO effort into this particular moment of perfection, I am quite happy with it!

Of course, the Kohls here in Pcola only had a few, so I called my mother and she went to the Panama City Kohls and cleared them out of theirs... of course we only needed 3 of one and 2 of the other. (2 Dads and 3 Groomsmen who wont be in uniform.) Oh well!

Anyone else STUMBLE on a moment of perfection for their wedding?


Ms. 122 said...

HOORAY!! Sometimes things just click, and those are some mighty fine ties. Very nice!

jen (craftylilmomma) said...

The striped tie is amazing!

Hottie said...

You really have some nice shopping experiences at Kohls.