Decisions Decisions! Pt3: Michelle's Maybes and Meh's

For clarification: Meh = is that "whatever" sort of shrug your shoulders and maybe raise an eyebrow or slight nose crinkle blah factor.

So here were some that weren't so bad, but also just didn't do much for me.

This one you've seen in my previous post. Its an Alfred Angelo and I loved the adding color idea... just notsomuch with this dress and ALL it's skirt!! (ahh - and I wasn't actively growing my hair out at this point, I just hadn't gotten it cut in 3 months. Love the bizarre, wavy, "i will go whichever way I choose" attitude my hair has. oof!)
So this one had some fun detail, but was, again, a LOT of skirt and not that flattering. (I feel like i've lost my head on this one! =) Ok - had to add in some bad jokes somewhere!)
This one had a great back. It was spaghetti straps and a low back that met the skirt with the oh-so-fun detail in the picture. It gave the backside a little lift without a lot of poof.

Unfortunately, the front left a little to be desired. (oy - mental note, do not just stick veil on top of head. I think I look like a 5 year old playing dress up!)

Ok - so this was a picture filled short post... next up - lessons learned (I was right darnit!), and some good dresses that were serious contenders.