Guest-tastic Segways!

As I mentioned before I spent a weekend recently at the Marriott Grand in Fairhope, AL. While we were there with my parents, we did a segway tour. And before you think that I am wandering into Non-Wedding Related territory... don't worry, I will segway into how this deals with the wedding. (hehhehe. Ok. You know I had to toss that in there.)
This is how the day began....

And this was how the afternoon ended....
Good day huh? ;)

And for anyone who things that Segways are only for the young and agile... think again!
Below are my parents and Adam and I.

We toured all around Fairhope and saw old school houses and museums etc.

And, as you can see from this terrible photo of me, they aren't for paved surfaces only.

And you can multi-task! =) I thought this was too funny not to take a picture of.
So the point of this is that we decided it was a really fun thing for everyone. Simple, easy, fun, and different. Bay Point Marriott, our all in one wedding venue, is not a small place. Golf carts runamuck since it can be a bit far to walk, and with gas prices as they are, too short to drive.... so... we want to offer Segway tours to our guests!!! We are just looking into it so I don't know if it'll be a reality or not, but whatcha think? Completely nerdy and pointless? Or fun and unique?

Would like to avoid seeming like this. =)