Rudimental Registry

I have a pretty little bag from Dillards.... anyone know how I got it?

We registered!! (Only for fancy china, glasses and a few kitchen gizmos so far.. but still!)

Thats Noritake Platinum Wave dishes and Mikasa's Flames di Amore glasses! We think they are a little funky without being so crazy that we will hate them in a few years. I realize that flames and swirls don't necessarily coordinate, but looking into the glass from above lends a swirl effect... and we like 'em so oh well!

And heres a happy shot of us. (I think I'm getting quite good at the arms length photos. I just realized that every picture of the two of us on here I took at arms length. Not too bad if I do say so myself!) No we do not normally coordinate what we are wearing! Except that if we are outside, we always have sunglasses on. My mother hates that. =)
(All images courtesy of Me!)
I know its silly, but registering was really the first "EEk! This is for our wedding!!" moment we've been able to have in the planning stage together. Things like my dress and really falling in love with the venue were done separately. Adam played it cool but I could tell he was pretty happy. The woman there was very sweet and not too pushy. Since we only registered for a few things that we had actually chosen ahead of time, it didn't take very long so was really a relatively enjoyable experience.

How did your first registry experience go?


Broke-ass Bride said...

Wow, that china is really cool!

We haven't registered yet - I'm having trouble deciding where... But I can't wait to get my grubby paws on a gun I tell ya!


zoliepup said...

Alright, I'm definitely adding you to my blog roll. Our tastes are too similar!