Dressin the girls Pt 2: 2 colors, 1 company

After we decided our colors of Aqua and Ocean Blue, it was time to start looking for a company to get dresses from! I had few requirements for the company to be picked:
  • Have a light AND a dark blue that I liked (and would coordinate together).
  • Have several different styles of dress options for each body type because no 2 bridesmaid of mine have the same body types.
  • Be reasonably priced.
You really wouldn't think it would be THAT hard!! It literally took me from JANUARY until JUNE to find the company we were going to go with. Many companies had some great blues!! But each company had a beautiful dark blue that I loved, but their light blue was baby. Or they had a great aqua-ish color, but their dark blue was blah-navy. Or - they had both and cost a small fortune!

I found this one while I was shopping for my dress and was a big fan of the fabric detailing. Unfortunately, it was a bit green, limited in styles, and the coordinating light blue was baby blah.

This one I found at the shop where I found my dress. It was fun, but only came in a few styles that were all a bit....unsupportive for anyone bigger than me.

I loved this blue from Alfred Angelo! Unfortunately, it only comes in taffeta, which only comes in 7 styles, none of which I, or any of my girls were much of a fan of.

I am a fan of Ann Taylor, so why not look into her dresses? Ahh - Because they are more of a slate blue, and less of the lighthearted colors I was going for.

Jim Hjelm has a zillion designs so there must be something for everyone... as long as you've got a large dress budget. If you do, they have some really unique designs and colors... needless to say, this is not the budget range I am aiming for.

Another pretty Jim Hjelm that is a great blue, at a grand price.

And then, through a bridal blog I stalk but can't remember at the moment, I found Lynn Lugo custom dresses.

More Lynn Lugo in beautiful blues and great styles!! I love the small details that really them a coordinating set when standing together, but still look fun individually.
I ordered Lynn Lugo samples and fell in love with ALL of her blues! I was ready right then and there to tell the girls pick any blue and design your own dress!... and then I looked at the pricing details and was crushed. It was not CRAZY expensive, but more than I'd ask anyone to pay.

At this point I was ready to give up and find one dress and let them be matchy-matchy even though I hate that. Anyone find it harder to dress the girls than the bride?