Something Old: Really Really Old... as in 1.8 Millions + years!

(Megalodon tooth - courtesy of Me! - along with all the other photos in this post)

I am pretty tempted to actually do this.

I think my Something Old might be a Megalodon tooth. Ok, for those of us who don't remember our dino-facts... heres a quite snippet from Wikipedia:
The megalodon (pronounced /ˡmɛ.gə.ləˌdɒn/ or MEG-a-la-don; meaning "big tooth" was a giant shark that lived in prehistoric times, between about 18 million to 1.5 million years ago and was the apex predator of its time. It is the largest carnivorous fish known to have existed, and quite possibly the largest shark to have ever lived. It is believed that the average size of the megalodon was between 39 ft and 59 ft.

Ok - Now what in the world is my connection with a Big Arse Dino Shark? I found one's tooth! The tooth is small for a Megalodon tooth, but still huge in comparison to even a modern day great white. And, at the YOUNGEST, its 1.8 MILLION years old... think it qualifies as my something old? ;)

Adam and I were on a dive trip in Crystal River, Florida when I found this bad boy on our Rainbow Springs drift dive. I'll post a few pictures, but feel free to click HERE or on the album cover below to see my photo album from the trip. (Captions explain everything.)

Crystal River Dive Trip Album

On the dive boat. See the wetsuits? Yeah water temp constant 72 degrees... which is DARN cold in the water!!

Ahh the fun of neutral buoyancy!
Adam goofing around on our drift dive in Rainbow Springs.

Look what I found!!!

Fish Kisses!!
We had such an amazing time on this trip, and the tooth is pretty darn unique, I think I will actually try and figure out how I can make that my Something Old. Any ideas?? Anyone else filling tradition with something a little out of the ordinary?


Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing" said...

How COOL!!!! That shark tooth is HUGE! Oh, love the kissy pic too...so sweet!

Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing" said...

Ok so I just HAD to show my husband that tooth...the minute I did, he thought the same thing, that it's probably a megalodon tooth.

The hubby and I are big shark fans...we're actually watching Shark Week right now On Demand...lol. That is SERIOUSLY sooo cool you found that!!! Hold onto that sucker!

As for ideas on how to use it for your wedding as your "something old", love it. You could make it into a bracelet or ankle bracelet maybe? String it along with some tiny shark teeth...if you could figure a way to do it.

Or, put it on your garter somehow. Maybe wrap it into your bouquet, around the stems with ribbon perhaps? Or use it somehow as a hair piece, maybe like a comb or something.

Oooh...I'll have to think some more about this one. I'll let you know if I come up with any more ideas for you. Either way, that's pretty awesome!