Blog Bliss: Not always that blissful!

I am an avid Unbride stalker, and will soon post a normal Blog Bliss segment on it... but for now, the downside of blog stalking: The reality check.

Remember how I said that this winter Adam and I will be moving to LA for the next for years? (If not, read here.) Well, just a bit ago, the wonderful Justine of Unbride posted this:

July 29th, 2008

Yikes you guys, we just had an earthquake! It was a 5.8 and I was in the shower. I jumped out and picked up Oliver and now I still have conditioner in my hair. Everything seems to be okay but there isn’t much phone service.


E-freaking-gats! I am a Florida girl! Hurricane's are my thing; You get some idea of when they hit and you always know where! (Note to non-hurricane vets - 5 days prior to landfall wherever the weather station predicts the hurricane will go is the safest place to be. As in, Tuesday the news says that Sunday night, Hurricane Bubba will hit Panama City... Panama City will be the best place to be on Sunday because Bubba will have changed course and smack right into NOLA or Pensacola. Almost fool-proof. Oh Lordy - fools out there - ignore please.)

Granted while living in Hawaii, we had some earthquakes. Once, one was SO STRONG, it ALMOST knocked a picture frame over....

I gotta tell ya... this makes me nervous.


The Unbride said...

I totally didn't mean to freak you out! It was scary but it didn't do any damage and no one got hurt. Don't worry, LA is worth the risk. :)