Blog Bliss: Cake Wrecks

Anyone who needs a a good laugh - follow these links!!

I found Cake Wrecks through Masterpiece Weddings (another blog I stalk and plan on featuring in the near future), and didn't stop laughing for good 20 minutes. Then, I sent the link to a woman I work with, and started laughing all over again. I HIGHLY encourage every to go through the rest of the blog and subscribe to the insanity!

So Masterpiece Weddings posted this photo and Cake Wrecks added the thoughts of while you've got to REALLY want to feature your tartan to like it - it is executed well...

So the above image was the well-executed inspiration... and the actual cake just looks like it should (or was) executed!

YEEESH!! Ohh - and that isn't the worst by a long shot.... I'll post a few more of my favorite catastrophe cakes... and then click on over and figure out which is your worst favorite!

This one makes me think - Who gave a 3 year old crayons and a cake?

ummmm....... too much Juno?

I think this one may be in the WORST TASTE EVER!!

And this one is just hilarious, and is posted under the title of
Proof that Computers Will Never Rule the World... perfect.


Erica said...

hell, just combine them all in their wondrous glory. Why not make your cake a slightly-falling-over life-sized representation of you with a tie-dyed dress and plaid ribbon that says congrats on no teen pregnancies in HTML?! It would be all the rage, and I can guarantee no one else will have a cake like it.