When High Fashion, Wedding Blogs, SATC, and Contests Culminate!

Remember how I said I watch SATC for the fun, and not fo the fashion because I don't really "get it"? Well, I am well aware of the fact that most other girls "get it" and love SATC for the designs and the labels, (as well as a little sexy girl power feel;) ). Southern Weddings (formerly Southern Wedding Style) is holding a contest! It ends on Friday - so get creative quick! Check out the details from SW below:




We've partnered with the AMAZING {Bag Borrow or Steal} (the Netflix of luxury accessories!) for this exciting contest. {Bag Borrow or Steal} is featured prominently in “Sex and the City the Movie”. Jennifer Hudson’s character, as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant, feeds her handbag addiction by borrowing luxury bags from {Bag Borrow or Steal}. The grand prize for this contest: $250 for your very own luxury rental! Choose from over 4,000 styles of designer handbags, jewelry, and sunglasses. They cover the gamut of great designers, including Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Versace, Tory Burch, Juicy, and Coach. Borrow for a week or a month, or longer, and borrow for everyday or for your Big Day!

How to enter: Without giving anything away from the movie, leave a comment with your vision for Carrie Bradshaw's wedding. If you were designing her wedding, what would she wear, what would the flowers, favors, tables, bridesmaid's dresses, music, food, cocktails, etc be like? For bonus points, email us an inspiration board or pictures to go along with your design. If you send pics or a board, we will post them for all to see. Email them to [SATC at swsmag dot com]. Whether you've seen one episode or watched the entire six seasons 12 times through (I fall in the latter category), you can win this contest!

Deadline: July 4th.

Judges: Here's the exciting part-- the judges panel! Event guru, Sasha Souza, of {Sparkliatti}, Janie from {The Bride's Cafe}, Kathryn from {Snippet and Ink}, the ladies of {Elizabeth Anne Designs}, the {Bliss Event Group} girls, the {DC Nearlyweds}, and Maria from {Ritzy Bee} are all so excited to see your ideas!



  • One entry per person but you CAN add to your entry if you want to add more details. Leave as many comments as you wish.
  • Don't give anything away from the movie : )
  • If you email pics and inspiration boards, please size them to no larger than 700 pixels wide and be sure to include your name as it appears in your comment so we know who to match the images/boards to.
  • You have to send us a picture of you with your fabulous {Bag Borrow or Steal} rental if you win!

Everyone wins a big discount just for entering! {Bag Borrow or Steal} is pleased to offer readers of Southern Wedding Style Magazine a great chance to try them out. Shop for a great handbag, piece of jewelry, or pair of sunglasses, or all three, and receive a special discount just for trying them out. Just enter SATC into the promo code field during check out and they'll take 20% of your borrowing fees.

A million thanks to our FABULOUS panel of judges and the phenomenal team at {Bag Borrow or Steal} for the generous grand prize! Have fun!


Quick Blog Bliss note: I stalk all the judges blogs and they are fantastic! They have amazing senses of style and creativity. If you haven't checked them out before, there's no time like now! :) Go forth and be Carrie-ly Creative!