April Showers Bring May Flowers! ... hopefully???

NEVER thought I'd be enticed by the thought of it raining on my wedding day. Isn't that what every outdoor bride dreads? Our venue has a great rain policy. So if it rains there is a ballroom reserved and waiting for us. Well, we are talking April in Florida so rain is a very realistic possibility... but we have been keeping our fingers crossed for sunshine.

I've been enticed by umbrella shots before...
and of course the fun umbrella group shots...
How fun are those???

But only today did I start to think that if it rained.... maybe we'd just get wet and still have it outside. This new idea is PURELY the fault of one Marie Labbancz and her Art of Love Blog!!

Ok - so we start with the fun umbrella shot...
So after the photos they move inside right?

How great are those guests!!?

I love that the celebrant doesn't seem to care in the least about the rain. And, as you can tell, we aren't talking a light sprinkle!!

And eventually the Bride and Groom loose their care of the rain because they are so focused on each other. I think this may be one of my favorite shots...ever.

Can we say "troopers"!?? I hope my vendors are this dedicated!
(Make sure to check out the original blog post for more photos. The photos are also bigger and better there... really need to figure me out some html code so I can make this blog wider for more fantastic photo viewing!!)

So this has made rain a romantic thing in my head.... dreaming of rainy days.... thank God for iphoto... which allows me this reality check. Scroll back up and look at how BEAUTIFUL that bride looks even though she's soaking wet.

Following that line of thinking... check out how cute my MOH and I are at Downtown Disney!
Ok - time to cash that reality check....

Here we are a 1/2 hour later after playing in the fountains... (man I miss Disney!) Not exactly picturesque...
Ok. Still don't believe me? Yeah that picture is a little dark and blurry, so we'll go with another piece of rainy day evidence that while I love water, it is not my photo buddy.

(Me on the far right, a couple of my good friends and one of my bridesmaids in the polka dot dress.... No, I'm not kidding.)
Me (on the right) and Miss Polka Dot Dress a few hours later...

Anyone still think me in the rain on my wedding day is a good idea? If so, please leave me a comment and tell me WHY!?


Erica said...

yay for rain! it would be soooo much fun to play in the rain on your wedding day, but I think your mom might flip out if she had to get drenched.

Anonymous said...

i love the first two shots!

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