The Key to Creativity: Kee2Creativity Invites!

Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up! hmm... this is the second pick-me-up post in a row.... anyone else feeling like this next weekend needs to last a week or two?

One of my blog stalkings posted about this great design company...nothing too unusual... until you look at the designs. Many thanks to the Handcrafted Wedding for posting about Kee2Creativity and their edgy invites. Here are a few of my favorites from the Chocolate Collection:
Loving the flowers that somehow aren't really "girly"

Anyone else seeing the animal skin (snake? alligator?) print on the pocket-fold? Anyone else think that rocks?

Just a touch of edgy for the more tame-tasted.

A corset styled one for those with a more risque pallet. (eerrr - considering the necklace hanging next to it, this might actually be more of a fashion thing than a risque bit. See how non-fashionista I am?!)

Maybe the most edgy with the tribal lines, but it sure makes a statement!
Kee2Creativity also does custom work if nothing in their collection strikes you as being exactly what you'd want. As I've said before, the papery aspect of our wedding isn't a splurge point, but if I had $7 per invite set to spend... i'd spend it here in a heartbeat.