Decisions Decisions! Pt1: From Magazine Clippings to Dressing Rooms

So I want to start this out by pointing out a relapsing/remitting portion of my personality. Sometimes, I'll see something I like and go for it and never look back. Other times, I can be VERY thorough before making a decision.

Choosing my dress was the latter of these. I literally went to every bridal shop from Mobile, AL to Panama City, Fl. (Oops - I fibbed - i skipped the one in Defuniak Springs because it was to far out of the way.) This also means I have reviews of all the stores in the area, which I will post later for any other Gulf Coast brides to read.

Like most other brides, I started by looking through magazines and clipping out dresses that I liked. The trend in my clippings were "destination" or "informal" style dresses. More relaxed, more dance-able, less tulle-ish. a la these from Eden Bridal, Sophie Tolli, and Kleinfelds...

Then comes actually trying dresses on... which led to different styles of dresses entirely.

My mother had agreed with my idea of a more laid back wedding gown. She liked it, and agreed that it would be more "me". Flip the calendar forward a few and she changes her tune faster than Jewel! (as in the singer who went from "Who will save your soul?" to "Intuition") All of a sudden it was "try on dresses with some poof. Its ok if it seems over the top. Its your wedding, its really the only time in your life you really get to do this." Next thing I knew, this is what I looked like....

Yeah, I realize they are all from behind - but its to show yall the immense skirt volumes I was facing. Forget buffing up my shoulders and chest to look good - I needed to focus on squats to be able to haul these skirts around all evening!!

Next I'll be moving on to the good, the bad, and the EEEEK get it off me!!!! As well as my realization to what I really do and don't want in a dress!