Indy-versary!: From first kiss to almost proposal

(Photo I took of at Indy 500 2008-
Danica Patrick and Tony Kanaan and the back of some guy's head.)

I realize that title might have gotten some raised eyebrows... so I will elaborate....

I've mentioned before (here and here) that I am an Indy Racing fan. In my household growing up, there were 2 sporting events that were watched yearly. In January, we always had the entire church youth group over for a Super Bowl party (which meant that the adults watched the game and the kids ran from the hot tub to the pool and back again and ate ALOT of junk food while listening to the adults yell at the t.v.). In May, on Memorial Day weekend it was the Indy 500. My parents lived there for a few years and were hooked on it.

Fast forward to May of 2003. My brother and Adam are part of a terrible trio of the graduating class at the Coast Guard Academy. (The third of this trio is also our best man, and Adam was his.) After graduation (which was a cold rainy miserable day that President Bush droned on and on and onnnnnnnn about NOTHING to do with the Coast Guard or their class....grrrr...) the families of the trio of graduates all drove out to Indianapolis together to go see the Indy 500. (Best Man is from Indy.)

So we go, watch the race, enjoy the after party... and then... everyone pairs off. My brother and his girlfriend (now wife) go to a movie or something. Best Man and his fiance, (also now wife) go somewhere else that I can't currently remember. This is before they changed the race time so at this point its late afternoon. I decide and announce that I am going back to our hotel to go swimming and anyone else should feel welcome. Side note: At this point, Adam and I have also been tickle match wrestling all through the after party (AND his bro and Dad were there to witness me pin him!! The one and only time that has actually happened.) I splash into the pool, and not too long after Adam joins me. A few hours later, the pool closes and security kicks us out. So we change into PJs and hang out in the hotel lobby watching the delayed airing of the race that we just watched earlier that day because neither of us wants to leave. Come 3 am or so, we are both taking turns dozing off and I decide its time to call it a night. I stand up to leave and SURPRISE!! He kisses me. Its great. I then giggle like a 7th grade girl, and stagger/walk towards my room. And on the way, I TRIP OVER A COUCH!!! If there had been a tree I would have giggle-walked face first into it - it was that kind of moment.

While we would kee in touch and be friends, I didn't see him again until the spring of 2005, when his ship stopped in Hawaii on their way back from Antarctica.

Spring of 2006 was my college (undergrad) graduation and Adam's gift to me was the Indy 500!!! So we went again, and had a FABULOUS time. The race was amazing, we saw it with Best Man and his wife, and our seats were amazing. (And by amazing I mean that we had a great view but almost sweat to death in the record breaking heat with no cover.)

Spring of 2007 we manage to coordinate schedules so that a group of us drive up together and have a great time. (Sat in the covered grandstand this year and watched everyone else get drenched.) At this point I am also thinking that it could be really cool if Adam proposed here. But I am not at the point where I am itching for a ring. We are incredibly happy in our relationship the way it is.

Spring of 2008 we drive on up again knowing this may be our last Indy 500 for a while. Adam calls it our Indy-versary and tells me that this was his back-up proposal plan.
This is the Indianapolis Museum of Art where we spent a few hours since we arrived earlier than expected. It had amazing art on the walls and great live performance art AND yummy food and great cocktails in their posh looking bar. It also has a GREAT deck overlooking INCREDIBLE gardens.... anyone in this area looking for a venue - CHECK IT OUT!!

Us with our paper cranes we made in the hands-on section of the museum. Shortly after, Adam reveals that he was thinking of proposing here (in the gardens, not in the craft room. :)

Race Day 2008 and my dream-wedding planner in the middle. Yup, in the black pants is Mr Jack Arute. (Anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about right now, click here.)
Anyone else have an off-beat anniversary?