Long time.. new sea!

Or ocean anyway...
I know its been forever and five days, but I'm back! And in a totally new time zone. I hope you'll forgive me for being gone so long but the joys of being a military bride are unending as we have now moved to California! We took a full 10 days to make the trip across and it was very, very much worth it. I'll post a few pictures with some of the fun adventures we had, but since they aren't very wedding-y, I'll keep it brief. That being said, I also have LOTS of wedding stuff to tell you too! We've decided on wording for the invites, ordered them, sent them out, and are collecting RSVPs. We've designed and ordered the rehearsal dinner invitations. I'm working on the actual ceremony now, and also deciding what hair adornment to go with. So for anyone still around to read this, MAHALO for waiting and I can't wait to fill you in!