Prayers Please

I am touched by how many of you sent emails of concern for my husband.... and that any of you are still here since its been AGES since I posted anything.

My husband is fine but a part of the search and rescue team. As of yet, there is no good news to report, meaning there are 9 families who are facing potential loss of a member. For lack of a better phrase, this did hit awfully close to home. And your thoughts and prayers were very welcome.

I will be back soon to finish wedding recaps and begin blogging about life as a newlywed military wife. In the mean time, go hug your significant other and make sure they know exactly how much you love them because you really never know.

[Note: I did not make this video, as far as I can tell my husband is not in it, I just found it on Youtube and thought it a nice tribute to the most underfunded and overextended of our armed forces.]

Eternal Father, Lord of hosts,
Watch o'er the men who guard our coasts.
Protect them from the raging seas
And give them light and life and peace.
Grant them from thy great throne above
The shield and shelter of thy love.
— (1955) CWO George H. Jenks, Jr., USCG
I'll be back soon with happier news and more cheerful topics.