My first Inspiration Board! - Redux

Ok, so in case it wasn't obvious, I am new to blogging. It didn't occur to me that 1/2 my board would be cut off because its too wide! I suppose I should I have noticed that everyone else makes theirs vertically... and now I know why. So we are going to try this again....

In response to the "there are tropical boards out there" musings about why I didn't feel the existing ones "fit" us... i thought I'd specify a few things about us and the things we want in our wedding.

We want a tasty cake. (No fondant here, even if it means waiting until the last second to bring out the cake. Tasty substance - not perfect image, please. We have literally seen a cake cutting, done with a SWORD (military), where the fondant icing BROKE THE SWORD!!! A cake should not double as a weapon.)

We want a breezy at ease feel. Sparkles? Sure. But we aren't trying to look like a princess wedding.

And finally, the main reason non of the boards I've seen would work for us (I feel like I will be bridal-blog-stoned for this next statement) we aren't into vintage. If its a vintage car, awesome. I loved my 1966 Mustang. But we wont our wedding to be here and now. Many years down the road, our wedding album will be full of "vintage" photos because things change at a rapid pace. We don't feel the need or understand the draw of Super 8 film, or decorating the place to look like the 1940's. (I'm ducking now.)

Anyone else feel like a bridal outcast for not going with an incredibly popular option?


Miss G said...

you're hilarious! i love it! i say do whatever you want, girl! and that's coming from someone who is using some "vintagey" touches. That's what my home looks like, that'st how I entertain, that's how my wedding will be. it's me. at the same time, I'm not into super8 either and am just letting the whole thing evolve! :) have fun! kelly

p.s. i don't even know how to make an inspiration board and haven't even gotten up the courage to try to figure it out. I'm still using paper magazine pages torn out! :)

Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing" said...

Congrats on your first inspiration board! :) I love your vision, and think it's great you want what you want - a timeless wedding, so go for it!

If you girls need help with creating easy inspiration boards, check out this link for Mosaic Maker:


Or, if you really want an easy way to do them, do what I do, just add/format pictures with Microsoft Works Word Processor, if you have it.


Happy planning...
-Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing" :)