I cannot even imagine.... prayer request for another bride-to-be

Jessica Lynn has a wedding planning blog too (Tying the Knot). I read her fun tales of planning and reply to her invitation dilemmas, but today's post breaks my heart. I thought I would repost it as a call for thoughts and prayers for her and her grieving family. I don't know her personally, but I am also a bride-to-be with a not-so-young Dad. I cannot imagine... and honestly, I don't want to try.

Jessica writes:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Miss You Daddy

Some of you may have wondered why I haven't been posting this week.
This past Sunday, my Daddy passed away very suddenly at the age of 62. 2 weeks before my birthday and three months before the wedding. As you can imagine Mommy and I are devastated and life has pretty much come to a halt.
My Daddy often read my blog, to keep up with my ideas. He loved hearing about the wedding and was SO involved. You know, it's funny....Daddy came with Mommy and I when we went dress shopping. He saw me in my dress and my veil and had tears in his eyes. He will be buried in the tie that he would have worn to walk me down the aisle....and that is exactly what he would have wanted. I'll miss you Daddy, you know that you meant more to me than I could have ever expressed. When I feel that gust of wind blow my dress and my veil around on my wedding day, I'll know that you are there.
I don't know when I will be back to posting, maybe some time next week. So much thanks goes out to my friends and Chris, who have made this time in my life somewhat bearable.


jessica lynn said...

awww thanks for the love and support...it means so much