Fantastic Florals: Unexpected!

I wish this company had a blog I could stalk! I found them through a blog post on Cross Pollination and am so glad I followed the link to check out their site!
SillaPere is a design lab specializing in events and environments with some amazing events and great photos to show for them. For a fresh and fun little intro to this company, check out their "We Are" tab.
In searching through their images of weddings, there are some great pictures of beautiful events. But what really caught my eye was an unexpected one. I love twists in plots and surprises in life, so these photos had me head over heels in no time. Enjoy! And go to their website to check out others!

Ok, so we've got some beautiful ribbon detail heading down to a barn on the coast. A little different using ribbon than flowers - I like it.

Wow! Who would have thought to do that with ribbon to dress up the side of the barn next to the ceremony!?

Holy Cow! I love the panels. Random and artistic without being over the top or crazy. Just fun, a little funky, and out of the ordinary. Now prep yourself to be completely surprised as whats inside the barn...

Who saw THAT coming? Not me!! I think that is just incredible! Can you imagine the awe-surprise factor when guests entered the barn!??!
For more eye-candy - check 'em out!


Jarmaster said...

hey michelle,

thanks for your comment on the style me pretty blog about the wedding film i created.

i am enjoying your blog right now - it's amazing how much work brides put into their own wedding blogs these days! (fyi, my brother's and i used to own a rag-top '65 stang until my parents tried to teach the exchange students they were hosting how to drive...)

i would be one of your new best friends if you would post your thoughts about the film in your blog - the videos are easily insertable into blog entries, youtube style.

and if you really love my work, please insert me into your blog roll in the right hand column of your blog.

happy wedding planning to you michelle!