Penny & Duct Tape Conundrum

Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new; with an Irish penny in your shoe..... or something to that effect.

Ok - I've got the Something Old part.... though I still don't really know how the logistics of that one will work... if you have ANY ideas (other than make it into a necklace) please let me know!

Irish penny in my shoe. Ok... I have no "in" in my shoes. So I put this question to my friends and family. I received one UNANIMOUS answer..... Duck Tape.
Oh, yeah. The family I grew up in should change our motto to "If you can't duct it, f*^k it, it's broke!" We use duct tape to fix (or make) just about anything. My dad actually has several shirts that say "I can fix anything!! Where's the duct tape?" We keep several rolls of it around the house at all times and use it for an inordinate amount of things.

Any one else have bizarre family "traditions" that seem to be seeping into the wedding? (Or alternate ideas for either issue?)


Anonymous said...

Love Duct Tape...but I love gaffer's tape more :) You can buy cool duct tape for your sixpence here: