A wedding video I actually like!

I don't normally like the videography aspect. I think its a good idea to have to watch later, but it never strikes me a beautiful or stunning the way it touches other people. To me they usually end up looking like one of two things. 1 - The bride was attempting to make her Hollywood debut with forced acting and WAAAAY too much editting to feel authentic. OR 2 - like someone handed Uncle Joe the camera and asked him to film it. And, apparently Uncle Joe is ADD and can't pay attention to whats going on, and also has a touch of a neurological disorder and can't keep his hand steady. ON TOP OF THAT then there is the current trend of using old school 8mm type of filming. As I've touched on before - I am not a vintage girl. I like living in the here and now.

That being said... Mason Jar films produced this video (which I initially found on a Style Me Pretty post) made me pause and have an "awww" moment. It actually reminds me a little of the "home video" from the movie My Girl. It feels honest and authentic AND looks beautiful. That is one gorgeous bride with a beautiful veil and dress!!

I would think that my above rantings about wedding videography would convey it enough, but in case I am too subtle... (heheheheh - sorry- can't even type that with a straight face) I wasn't planning on having my wedding videotaped.... now I'm second guessing that.....

Ah - and Mason Jar Films also has a blog that I think I will be adding to my list of stalkings - check it out!


Melissa DiStefano said...

Thanks for the cake love!!! I certainly send them a STD!

Where are you in FL???