Wedding Dream.. or nightmare... not sure which

This requires a few tibits of preface.

For starters, I am a light sleeper with weird dreams on a regular basis.

Secondly, Adam and I spent this past weekend with my parents in Fairhope, AL at the Marriott Grand. HOLY COW. First of all, it was a beautiful, somewhat less cheesy version of Kellermans. (Think Dirty Dancing.) Any bride wanting a wedding in the Gulf Coast area with a large venue budget - check this place out. Beautiful, lots of options, never have to leave the premises - but if you do it a cool town. also.... not cheap!! While there we did a Segway tour, and had a great time. This has spawned a wedding guest activity I think we'll be including, but I'll post pictures and info on that here in the near future.

Anyway, we had a great weekend, and came home Sunday evening to watch our recorded Indy race at Nashville. It was a good race. (For anyone interested, the video clip below is a 3 minute highlights reel.)

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So, Adam and I headed off to bed.... enter bizarre dream...

Here I am, at the Marriott Grand, planning my wedding.. with Jack Arute (the sports commentator for Indy Racing) was my wedding planner. We were working on a seating arrangement.... grandstand style! The invites were Indy 500 tickets and I am pretty sure the Marriott Grand had magically acquired a race track near the pool. There was something about a key lime pie being our wedding cake, which somehow led to a debate as to whether or not our guests would need earplugs and if they should be the favors. Oh yeah - not kidding. Thats the jist of what I can remember, but I gotta tell you, it was interesting... and if I have any spare time, I am totally making an Indy Racing inspiration board!! =)

Anyone else have any BIZARRE wedding dreams?