Dressin the girls Pt 3: FINALLY!

I finally found 1 company with 2 great blues, and lots of dress choices!!! Ah the wonderful world of 1 umbrella company that has 3 dress companies within it! Dessy!!

I got swatches in the mail and that just sealed the deal! This is Dessy's Ocean Blue in stretch charmeuse, and Turquoise in organdy... aka - MY COLORS!!! (No, not turquoise as in the stone but more of an aqua.)Sorry for the oh-so-sorry lighting and background.

So I sent the link to my girls and after some reminding emails.... a few phone calls... a few more emails.... some texts messages.... and one more email they finally picked their dresses! (All I have to say is you wouldn't think it would be more difficult to make people happy by giving them options!! oof! Ok - enough ranting.) The dresses!

Ok, so you might be thinking a few things look odd. Well, the colors are done via their magic java coloring gadget online, so they don't look quite right. They will indeed match. The 2nd (shorten to tea length) and 4th ones will be in Ocean Blue, with the 1st and 3rd in Turquoise. Also might be thinking "huh - 4 dresses... I thought there were 5 girls." You would indeed be right! Way to go eagle eye! 2 of the girls picked the same dress (#3). ahh - all is right in the wedding world... for now. ;)

Anyone else end up being thrilled with their finds? Or less than thrilled about people's reactions?