Fantastic Friday: Real Wedding

As we all head off into the wonder that is the weekend, I thought I would share with you some photos from a friend's wedding...

Julieanne and Steven are hitched!! How great are some of these photos!? Oh, and my little 'ol blog just doesn't do them justice. Go on over the SB Childs Photography for better viewing (and more pictures)... and while you are there, check through some of the other posts.. I think I might start stalking this blog too!

How great a shot is this? I love it in the sepia tone; it just fits the beautiful old mansion feel.

And how great is Julieanne's beautiful gown? Anyone who is trying to figure out where they can get it, forget it. It was her mothers! She had it revamped and I think its beautiful. (And I am a little jealous!)

Can anyone guess what Steven does?

Gabe looks SOOOOOO adorable! I mean, he's a cute baby, so he's always got an adorable factor... but in a little tux onesie thing? SOOO CUTE! Of course, with these two as parents - of course he's cute! ;)

Loving this shot, even though they are posed, they just don't seem to even care that anyone else in anywhere near by because they are so into each other.

I think this might be my favorite shot. How fun!

No... maybe this one is my favorite. VERY Julieanne. =)

AWW!! I wonder if Gary (Dad of the Bride) got teary eyed.

Obviously they had a good time at their reception.

Ready to make their great escape...

And what better way to make an escape than in this beauty!?!
Many congrats!!!


Anonymous said...

Great photographs! Looks like they had a lot of fun.

And your blog name is awesome!

Shannon, the Virtual Bridesmaid
Viddia Wedding Community