Reception Realization

I realize that my statement before about our venue choice getting better and better might have been a touch confusing. (Or instead of a touch, a flip or a poke or even a WHACK confusion depending on how much you've been paying attention, or how well you know me.)

So, as a refresher click HERE and go back and read about our venue choice.

Go ahead and click.... I'll wait for you to return.

I will!

dooo beee doo beee dooooo......

asanti sana squash banana hummmm mmm hummm...

Ok. Patience is up. I hope you are done reading now. (side note: MAD props to anyone who knows what I was humming to myself from in the 2nd line.)

Basically, we picked a BEAUTIFUL venue with lots of available activities and something for everyone making the trek to Panama City for the wedding. Its also a smart choice in that we don't have to worry about transportation, we don't have to worry about people drinking too much and then driving back to the hotel. (Because our friends and family take on an open bar like ants at a picnic.) AND its actually incredibly cost effective. Basically - we rock.

Just as a reminder for all you lazy bums who didn't click the link above... here's was the reception venue looks like.

Notice the chandeliers? Love the irony of chandeliers being such a popular wedding trend, and my venue comes with them built in! And... I hate them. Oh well. (I also don't care enough to remove them.)

Notice the walkway leading off to the left? Its nothing to sneeze at. (Especially at the computer because keyboards are just hard to clean!)

So we have plenty of room for the DJ and the dance floor and the food, bars, and guest tables. Sweet.

But I have to admit that lounge or bar areas like these have been making me a little (read: a lot) envious.
I luuuuuuuuvee this..... When I win the lotto, my back porch (and view!) will look like this!

This was the launch of Southern Wedding Style Magazine and we were there! I feel so cool saying I went to a launch... in little ol' Pensacola. Anyway, Adam and I went, got drinks, adn stood at one of those very tables... and thought it was PERFECT for our style.

So Momma Duck, Rachelle (our wedding planner (read: Mom vs Me mediator)) and I went back to the Bay Point Marriott to talk to the chick now in charge of all the weddings. Things were going well talking about tastings and linens etc... and then we went outside to the reception venue...

Where I pointed out the walkway leading off to the left above, is not a walkway at all. Its a full blown deck! Granted its not covered, but its a big 'ol space that I missed with the pictures and then promptly forgot about. sooo.... Guess who's adding a bar/lounge/party area to the reception!? Oh, yeah. That's us!

This is about what my grin looked like for the next few days.

Anyone else revisit their venue only to realize it had even more potential than you remembered?


zoliepup said...

Your reception site is completely awesome! Your party is going to be such a blast, and I totally relate to the open bar comment. That was the only non-negotiable for us!

I just visited my site this week and suffered some serious disappointment.

I know that California is in the middle of a heat wave and its August, but the place was really dusty. I can't imagine walking around there in my wedding dress right now. I think I just need to retool my vision to make it work. I'll post some pics as soon as I download them.

The Pissed Off Bride said...

O yessss!!! I didn't like my venue at first. Now, I love it. I do agree tht chandeliers are all the rage, they are every where. Rustic chic perhaps? IDK, buts its nice, I like them. Romantic light for the night. Enjoy, it looks like you are going to have an awesome wedding!

Ms. 122 said...

that's totally lion king...right?

love the lounges...wish we could do one (but lack space and $$)! can't wait to see yours!!

*Michelle said...

OMG! Mrs122 - I LOVE that you got that!! Yes, it was totally the Lion King. You rock. :)

Ms. 122 said...

what's really funny is that as i was typing up that comment, mr. 122 looked over and goes "what's the lion king?" so i read the line you quoted and he goes "haha yea it is!" oh how i love him...