Capricious Creativity: Chair Signs

I like the idea of these chair signs. I saw the one above on Sparkliatti, and the idea sort of stuck in my head. As I have mentioned before, I am not detail oriented and I really have no patience for looonnng tedious repetitive tasks... hence the capricious before the creativity in my DIY series. So while I liked the chair signs, I certainly wasn't about to make them our escort cards. And then Jessica of Tying the Knot posted this:

hmm.. signs just for the Bride and Groom. I like it! And while the bird theme is NOT a part of our wedding (I grew up on the gulf coast - lots of seagulls; thus, in general, I hate birds), but the double layer of paper and the ribbon really looks nice! Its very neat and tidy, which is very Adam, but I could make it in our blues and making add a little sparkle to make it very me. So when Adam had a late flight, I went to Hobby Lobby. (I should never be allowed to go to a craft store alone. Great ideas! ... that tend to sit in the corner and go unfinished.) I found plain ol' 8.5x11 paper in the scrapbook aisle in our blues! Sweet! And then I found pretty sparkly ribbon. Score!

As pictured above, you can notice that I printed on regular paper 1st to get the spacing and size right. Highly recommended. Also from above you can infer that I am not a craft oriented person. See my tools? Oh yeah. Thats a box cutter and a cutting board and a 90 degree "L" ruler used for carpentry.

No cutting here! (Did I mention I am TERRIBLE at straight lines... in anything!?) I just used glue dots to attach the ribbon to the darker blue sheet.

Then I trimmed the light blue paper and added more glue dots to attach. I left the ribbon rather long so it can be adjusted for whatever looks best on the chairs.
VOILA! Chair signs!
Incredibly simple, I know. It's not exactly goccoing your own invites, but its something I made that represents both Adam and I that will be featured in our wedding. So I am proud of them darnit!
One problem... I showed them to my mother... Now she wants one's for the parents seats too! ok - back to Hobby Lobby for me!

(Ah - and for any inquiring minds - thats Zapfino font, which we will use throughout our wedding because its a little pizazz without being curly-girly, and EVERY computer program has it.)

Anyone else proud of a really simple DIY? hmm.. come to think of it, 2 out of 3 of my DIYs have been pretty simple. Oh well! (Barefoot Sandals, and guests Flip Flops)


The Pissed Off Bride said...

Very nice! I wish I were a crafty gal but o well. Anyway, I think I will be doing signs too. I have seen them in Michaels but they did not have any color. So, what you did is a good idea.

The Pissed Off Bride said...

The Birds are cute. This would fit the bird theme.