Lashing Out

To Lash or not to Lash - that is the question of this post...
So there is me on a normal night. (Well, normal make up and lash length for me. Not so normal in that the chicka I'm hugging was proposed to about 1/2 hour after this photo! Congrats again Steph!)
I went to Mac the other day and got me some smokin hot eyes! WAAAYYY to dark for the wedding, but it sure was fun for some photos! I tried out the fake lashes because my poor little lashes just don't cut it on their own. Seriously, not only are the aesthetics a bit naked without LOTS of mascara, but they also fail on the functional level of keeping crap out of my eyes! (Thank God Adam is a pro at getting things out of my eyes.)
Like my car? =)

So later on, after I had attempted to remove most of the eye make-up, I was trying to see if the lashes actually look ridiculously long, or if they just seemed huge in comparison to my normally non-extent lashes. My apologies for the odd lighting and angles....
In this one I feel like I look like i've attached deer antlers to my eyes.

But this one not so unnatural?

Natural on the left and antler on the right?

Whatcha think? Pretty and fun? Or Bambi costume-ish?

Oh - and OMG I'll post more about this in a bit, but I think I'd recommend Mac for wedding day make up because I CANT GET IT OFF!!
Ok. I know the photo is a little dark (and bizarre) - but I have washed my face 3 times and scrubbed my eyes twice with eye make-up remover... and this is whats still there.

Not kidding. This sh*t just won't budge!!

Wow. I can't believe I just posted those photos of me. Even when I have total control over editing I can't keep my bizarre weird self in check. Oh well!


Wes & Rae Leytham said...

I vote for lashes. Those look so natural on you and they will definitely glam up your eyes!! Maybe just decrease the amount of liner and avoid painting your eyelid rims! :o) You look HOT btw! I think we should all go to MAC once a week.

One Love Photo said...

I love it when my clients have a little extra lash action going on. I think it looks good. Go for the drama, it will look great in your photos. I always tell brides who are worried about over doing it---OWN IT!

The Pissed Off Bride said...

You are so crazy! Too funny. I like the lashes.They look nice in the pictures.