Noteworthy Noaki!

Part two of my new favorite Etsy jewelry queen Noaki! Lots of great stuff at her shop and on her blog... but as the obnoxious mind numbing song goes.... These are a few of my favorite things! And all photos are from Noaki and if clicked, lead back to her!

(Yes, I really do find that song annoying and yet Its a Small World or the Gummi Bears theme just make me smile. Deal with it.)

How fun is this? I can say I've seen a bazillion bridal photos and never seen anything like this; and frankly, thats just a shame.

Lovin this comb!

Something oh so beautifully blue

Me? Post a star shaped piece of jewelry? Only every chance I get! I just might rock this bracelet come next April.

For the pearl girl who's only stud is the one she's marrying!

And the perfect earrings for all those brides going with the bird theme. I hate birds, and I like these.

Don't forget to check out the Zenadia contest for Noaki's jewelry!
Also, if you see something you like, and you have a blog, post about it! Unleash the power o' the bridal blogs! =)

Anyone else up to their eyeballs with favorites marked in etsy for potential wedding day jewelry? Any tips for how in the world to make a decision!?