Elation to Deflation in One Shopping Trip

I ordered the Bridesmaid's dresses!!

Quick recap. I decided to go the "easy" and bridesmaids friendly route and pick 1 company, a length, and let the girls pick their own dresses. How nice a bride am I? To me this also seemed like the easiest option. Pick company with color and several style options and let 'em at it. Everyone's happy, right?


Kill me. I made sure to go with a company that had at least 10 options in each color (2 different shades of blue). Getting girls to go through their options and pick one took MONTHS. Funny, I've been shopping with all of these girls and they can sift through a full rack and find a dress in 10 minutes flat. And then there was getting the measurement so I could order them. OY VEY! And I'm not even Jewish but OY VEY!!!

Last week, I finally had all the info I needed, double checked with one final email and round of phone calls. I went to the bridal shop. 30 minutes later I was done, the order was in.That was me. Ok, really thats Kerry Walsh after she and Misty won the gold medal... but that's how I felt! (Thanks LA Times for the image.)

Its been a long arduous journey and I am so excited! Considering how much time and effort I put into this.. I have to say, it was a big 'ol let down when I went to my task list and only got to check off one thing!! ALL THAT FOR ONE CHECK!? Yeesh.

Oh, and on top of that, several of my girls ended up saying "I don't care. Just tell me what you want me to wear."

Just call me Lolo. (Thanks here for the image.)

Anyone else go through a lot of effort for others only to feel like Lolo?
Is it just me or are bridesmaids dresses just a loose loose situation?


Lisa from Blush said...

So they don't have an opinion on the dresses but they're all over your wrist sash idea!?! You are Lolo. Poor, poor Lolo. Heartbreaking.