Photography: In the Nanosecond

I promise I will get back to my wedding weekend posting in just a bit! But a friend just email this to me and I thought I would share. I posted before about really capturing the moment and the feeling about what it's like to be there in that moment. Now getting a little more technical and focusing about being there, in that NANOSECOND!

These photos were in an email FWD so I have no idea who to credit. If they are yours, let me know!


Talk about breaking the bank! (hehheh - sorry, couldn't resist)

Everyone loves this moment in movies (and no one looks sexy doing it in person) but how cool is that water arc?

Oh SH*T!

Flying kitty!

This is going to hurt.

More awesome water arc-i-ness.

I like the guy already flinching in the background.

Hover puppies! Just fun.

Great form!

Oh damn.

S obviously it takes a moment for the nerves to send message to brain that head is covered in water, because this guys face looks like he doesn't actually know yet. Craziness.
Hope everyone is having a good day!