Photography: In the Moment

So I've told you the background of "picking our photographer"... which in reality was me convincing everyone else that while I chose our photographer 1 day after getting engaged solely based on 1 friend's recommendation, I had made a really good choice. So I thought I would post a few photos that exemplify what I mean by "you don't have to be there to understand."
Note: I was not a guest at any of these weddings.
This picture just made me smile and want to shout "mazaltof!"

This just captures not only a pretty bride, but a genuinely happy, beautiful soul.

I have no idea what this man said, but I laughed anyway.

I am a goofball. There will probably be moments like this at my wedding... and while I probably won't put them in my formal album - I sure as heck want those moments captured!

Pictures like these I want to put in my album. You can feel the emotion and they have an artistic flare.

I don't know what she was laughing at, but it made me giggle.

I am a fan of all things water... and thus a fan of this photo.

Can we say "frame it and stick it on the wall, please?"

Nothing better than capturing a happy bride in her "unassuming, it's all about me" moment. (Yes, I know thats a contradiction in terms. But look at the picture and tell me that doesn't fit. She's not pompous but she's walking down the middle of the street without a care in the world, knowing no one else would dare mess with her moment. And time seems to have stood still around her.... hmm... sounds a lot like walking down an aisle!)

And this one is just cool.

Ok. So there is a quick snippet of why I love Rae Leytham Photography. Go check out her blog for MANY MANY more reasons to love. Seriously, some photographers create pictures that make any bride look like she just stepped out of a magazine. Some take a very avant guard approach for artsy shots. Some can make it look like you were actually married in 1940. Those are all great. But I don't think there is anything better than a photographer that can make any viewer (read blog-stalker) laugh or cry or smile or aww at photographs of moments they have no other connection to. Isn't that the point of photographing the wedding? So you can share with others, and other generations what it was like to be there in that moment?


Wes & Rae Leytham said...

It's always nice to see what people think about our photos and what it makes them feel. So cool.

Shannon said...

I love these photos! The sassy bride walking down the street is my favorite! (Yes, I said 'sassy'!)

Shannon, the Virtual Bridesmaid
Viddia.com wedding community
Blog: http://blog.viddia.com

jen (craftylilmomma) said...

I think you chose an amazing photographer! No doubt that your pictures will be as special as you are :)