Newspaper Nonsense

Normally newspapers announce engagements.....
Mine just posted a photo of me and friends out at a ladies night with the title "Savoring the Single Life." ummm..... This is Me (upper right) and some friends from work after work on a Wednesday where we always go for the $2 drinks at The Deck.

Savoring the single life

Classic handbook, 'Live Alone and Like It,' tells women to celebrate living solo

Rebecca Ross • rross@pnj.com • August 9, 2008

Solo-flying ladies of all ages spurn the notion of lonely nights, single-serving microwave meals and the companionship of multiple cats. They're single and fabulous, thank you very much, but the attitude is nothing new.
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hmmm... I live with my fiance, and two of the other girls pictured are married....
I am rather glad that the people we know here don't usually read the paper, and most of our friends, family, and guests live elsewhere. I can only imagine the phone call... "I thought you were engaged! What happened?"

Adam just asked me how single life was treating me.... oy!


Wes & Rae Leytham said...

Stuff like that annoys me. That was just rude. But, on a lighter note, how is the Deck?? I haven't tried it yet, but I am a HUUUGE Fish House fan.