If Dishes Could Talk

One of the most crucial things about wedding planning is setting your priorities. Not just to splurge or not to splurge, but also things you really want to focus on. There are more important things than monetary decisions people!!

Don't believe me? Ask the Dishes!

errr... sorry... no more listening to Disney soundtracks while I type!

But believe it or not, I feel there is a good wedding planning lesson to be had from Beauty and the Beast. (and if you don't believe it, you obviously haven't been reading this blog very long... feel free to scroll back and figure out just how odd I can be.)
Be our guest!.... is EXACTLY what our invites ask!
...hmmm... I wasn't thinking word for word.. but I am now!! :)

So you invite your friends and family to be your guest; witness your vows and celebrate with you after. Usually this tends to also require them being a little less than comfortable (no temperature will make everyone happy!) for what they will claim is too long or too short a ceremony. Then the celebration begins! They get to have good food and drink and dance or chit chat to their hearts content... all in this wonderful atmosphere you've created. We do everything possible to make them comfortable from discounted places to stay for out of towners, to transportation, to gifts (favors) for them! We are on such a great guestastic roll here and then we come to a crucial moment....


While some of those are very beautiful.. we are VERY wary of fondant. Yes, it will be great if the cake looks nice, but what we really want is something to the effect of this..

Am I the only one who really wants to chew on the computer screen for that!?

We have actually had a friend (military) who... I kid you not.... BROKE the SWORD they were using to cut the cake!!!!

Cupcakes are cute and can be done in really fun ways. Candy bars are a fun idea. Cookies and milk are always tasty.... but I am sorry - being a wedding guest means getting CAKE!

So began my quest for someone who understood our Cake Mission Statement:
"We actually don't care THAT much what it looks like so long as it tastes gooooooood."
(The first part of that Cake Mission Statement tends to elicit some interesting looks. I'll fill you in on our cake tastings soon!)


Erica said...

Here are some cakes to be wary of...