Surprising Shower Guest Effects

Guest list editing is never fun. Then end result is that people who are a part of someone's life enough to make the list in the first place has now been demoted to either stand-by or of the list altogether. Even if they weren't close to us (bride and groom), they were close enough to some family member to get on the list in the first place.

That being said, our guest list reductions weren't so bad. We had one major day of reductions, and then we were at a pretty reasonable number. (Read: We had a pretty decent guest-imate with a decent sized alternate list, since we have limited space, and no idea how many people will actually be able to make the journey.) So... we're good.

Then people started being generous. Next thing we knew, we have 3 showers planned for us!! So we started divvying up the guest list by who knew who etc, so that no one ended with with a party full of people they didn't know, and also so that no one ended up being invited to all 3 parties. We're still good.

Then the first shower-thrower tells us that she is thinking about 100-120 people. umm.... our entire wedding is only going to ahve about 150-175 guests!! And, as I've said before, we are having a destination wedding in my hometown. So most (and by most I mean about 80%) of our guests don't live here and we are hoping to get them to fly in for the wedding....AND a shower?? ummm....We are no longer all good.

Or at least, that's what my mother thought. On top of that, someone told her that 50% or less of invited guests will RSVP with a "yes". (I don't think that takes in to account the bananas economy and that our wedding could be seen as a mini beach vacation.) So now all of a sudden, my mother has not only moved a good chunk of the stand-by list up to top priority, but she's added to the list!!!

Anyone surprised in going from thinking things are under control to way out of whack due to wedding showers??