Hostess Gifts

Back to my weekend o' wedding planing....

Our first shower is going to be a Mexican Kitchen party. This is the party that we are adding to the guest list to have more people at. Mothers! Oh well. The point of this is 2 fold. For starters we needed to register for more than fancy pants china and a few kitchen gizmos... but that is a whole other post.

This post is about the hostess gift. Errr... hostesses. The Momma Duck had already gone to one of her favorite store and bought 4 fancified candles (on sale!) she planned on giving the ladies. Well, they added a 5th hostess, and she happens to work at that store.... so she knows that the candles were on sale and she knows how much they were and she could use her employee discount to get them cheaper anyway. No big deal, its the thought that counts right?

hmm... I have left out key factors about the women throwing this shindig. They are incredibly sweet, been family friends forever, have a HIGH sense of fashion and propriety, and have more money than God. Oh yeah, shopping ON A BUDGET for 5 women who have everything, or if they don't, can buy it without thinking twice. Damn.

ahhhh - enter the wonderful world of bridal blog bliss! Ready 2 Spark posted about an Etsy shop they fancied.Well, this requires counter space and you have to like the look of it. Well, none of these women are exactly modern or simplistic styled women.... but.... when I went to the Etsy shop, I found these!

Not exactly style stunning, but they can go in a drawer. And guess what's in 'em? Oh yeah - Mexican Spices!!!
Purpose Design
Try something new and exotic with this tasty collection of spices!

This handsome brushed aluminum box holds 15 glass top containers each measuring 2 inches in diameter, with 15 spices essential to Mexican cuisine. Contains ancho chilis, cayenne pepper, crushed chili peppers, chili powder, cut cilantro leaves, cinnamon sticks, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, ground cumin, minced garlic, minced onion, pasilla chilis, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), sea salt, and taco seasoning.

Makes a great gift for a hostess or the adventurous chef in your life.

This kit was inspired by my spice muse, crowjoy. Mucho gracias senorita!

Needless to say - ETSY ROCKS!

How perfect is that for women throwing a Mexican Kitchen party for us!?!?? (OK - SOMEONE tell me its perfect!?)
Anyone else have some snafus when finding hostess gifts? Or find some great things on etsy?

Next up - I ordered my veil!!