Blog Bliss: Zenadia Design to Noaki Jewelry

I was scrolling through my blogs on day... in the very marry month of August....

hmm - ok doesn't quite have the same ring to it, but oh well. (That is my absolute favorite video clip from Apollo 17. Actually, I think its my favorite clip ever... and it happens to be from Apollo 17. It and other video clips are available here. Did I mention I am an astro-geek?)

My google reader alerted me to a new Zenadia Design post. So I read, commented, followed the links, and ended up falling in love with some beautiful bridal jewelry options.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Giveaway by Noaki Jewelry

I am so excited to announce that Noaki Jewelry is sponsoring a giveaway here on Zenadia Design's blog! One lucky reader will win a $70.00 credit to Noaki's online shop. Good for one of her beautiful pieces of jewelry, or a custom made item!
If you are not familiar with Noaki's jewelry, you are in for a real treat. Each piece is handmade using heirloom quality vintage pieces which are recycled into beautiful works of art. We featured Noaki a while back here on our blog, and since then, she has added so many stunning pieces to her collection on etsy.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment here and answer one, or both of the following questions:

1. What kind of wedding jewelry are you as a bride looking for to match your dress (Chandeliers, Tiny drops, Pearl necklaces, Bracelets, etc.)?
2. Any suggestions on how Noaki might better reach out to brides.

If you are not a bride, or are a past bride, answer the question(s) with your own advice. Maybe what kind of jewelry you look for for everyday wear. The contest will be open until Friday, August 29, at midnight. We will then draw a winner at random and announce the winner here on Zenadia Design's blog on Monday, September 1. Good luck!


She has so many B-E-A-UTIFUL options, and this post is getting long, so I'll start with some of my favorite necklaces.

With partial thanks going to Carrie of Sex and the City, peacocks and feathers seem to be all the rage. I will be going for a slightly more traditional bridal necklace, but I know there is some bride out there to rock this necklace in high fashion style.

This just seems like a GREAT destination wedding necklace. All the makings of a traditional bridal necklace with a fun funky twist.

I've said it before, (and I will probably be bridal blog flogged for saying it) but I am not into the vintage trend. Even my "something old" doesn't exactly fit the vintage category. That being said, I still think this Deco necklace is a BEAUTIFUL addition for anyone going the vintage route.

Loving this one. Old Hollywood meets something blue. It wont work for my dress cause I've got a lot of beading going on up top. But I've seen so many beautiful brides to be with bead/adornment free dresses that this would look so beautiful with!

Another beautiful deco style unique beauty. With green and white being such a popular color scheme I can imaging this could be STRIKING. ooohh... striking - that is definitely a word I want associated with my overall look!

If anyone is surprised that this is my favorite.. you apparently missed the title of my blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shooting star. Hate hate hate that it would definitely be too much for my dress.... which leads me to LOVE LOVE LOVE etsy! Noaki does custom designs so soon something like this will become my hairpiece! (But the hairpiece search is a WHOLE other etsy filled post.)

In case you are too impetuous to wait for my further posts on Noaki's creations... add her to your blogroll too! www.noakijewelry.blogspot.com

Stay tuned for more great jewelry!


zoliepup said...

I hope you don't mind, but you completely turned me on to Noaki... and I posted a blog about her too.

Thanks so much for finding her!

Status Quoman said...

I don't have a ton to say about the jewelry, but I LOVE that clip from Apollo 17! It makes me happy even thinking about it.

You can separate the space nerds from everyone else because we're the ones who've only ever heard that song performed by Jack Schmitt. :)