Not-so-Detail Oriented Bride

We (I) interrupt this wedding locale choosing train of thought to bring you fantastic advice. I'll get back to my locale choosing in just a few...
Via An Excited Bride, I read this article that I believe every person to get engaged should read. In today's world of color coordination, DIY details, and magazine worthy wedding photography, its easy to miss the forest for all the trees surrounding you. None of these things are bad. DIY is a great chance to figure out what you can do and create! (or sometimes it leads to the discovery of why professionals charge so darn much for it!) Details can really pull an entire room together. But getting lost in those details - notsomuch. While no one intends it, sometimes everyone needs a little reality check kick-in-the-pants reminders of how to make it a truly great celebration. Sometimes it needs to be from a loved one, and sometimes it needs to be from a complete stranger. But nothing makes me laugh and gets the point across quite like this article. My favorite line: "As my caterer likes to say, your bridesmaids' dresses do not need to match the linens unless you plan to use the bridesmaids as centerpieces. (Hey! It could cut your flower bill.)" :)

Anyone else get the immediate idea o
f calling your bridesmaids and tell them your grand new money saving idea!??! Or am I the only one who loves messing with my friends to see the reaction?

(image courtesy of Health Literacy Innovations)

Next Stop- wedding planing train gets back on its tracks and picks a city!