I know my slideshow included pictures of my ring. But i have to tell you all about it. (Not that I really know who I'm talking to so from here on out "you" refers to whatever curious soul has stopped by to read a bit - ah the wonderful world of blogging!) So there are some things about me that would make ring buying somewhat tricky:

  • I like things to be a bit funky; a little different from what anyone was expecting, but not completely crazy.
  • I also tend to be very accident prone. If I can snag/hook/catch/smack it/me/anything attached to me, its a given that I will.
  • I love sparkly things. Seriously; glitter, glass, shiny, water reflections - anything sparkly is my friend.
  • I love ALL things blue!! In almost any shade. Not really a fan of navy. Too blah and brings back terribly Catholic middle school memories! Also not a baby/sky blue fan. Again - too blah for me. Opals are my favorite stone, but they really aren't very sturdy under abuse like my jewelry takes.
  • I am environmentally aware. I started out as an environmental politics major in college and while I'm not a bleeding green hippie type, I recycle and chose eco friendly products when possible.
  • I am ANTI blood diamonds. Also ANTI aussie diamonds because while its not as bad as Africa, it sure aint eco/native friendly. Thus leaving with the options of "artisan" man-made diamonds (seriously - no one knows its man made - its the same darn thing!!), or Canadian. Not great weather but no lives are being destroyed, wars raging, AND they are environmentally aware in their harvesting methods.
Oh - and I had no idea what I would want. I'm not a girl who's been dreaming and planning my wedding for years, I didn't have a "perfect" proposal in my head, and I certainly didn't have a dream ring in mind. Which brings us back to Adam knowing me so well, and then being incredibly creative.

So my ring is perfect. Beyond anything I would have picked out for myself. Its different, but not so bizarre I'll hate it in 10 years. The center stone sits low in the setting thus minimizing the snag factor, the sapphires are so pretty!!! and the diamonds on the band are only on the front. (NO offense to any circum-studded brides - I just think that the diamonds all the way around are a little wasteful and ON MY FINGER look rather gaudy.) The diamonds sparkle like none other!! AND - Nice ring, eh? Yup - thats right - its canadian! =) I love my man.