Relationship Scavenger Hunt Proposal

I'll give you a quick set up of info before telling you to push play on the slideshow: This is now a few days after my birthday, *Adam is at a friend's studying for his next flight (he's a Coast Guard rescue helicopter flight student), and I am at home cleaning house... oh yeah, and its raining and freezing cold outside. *Adam put a great deal of effort into the proposal, so I put some effort into the slideshow of the pictures. The comments tell the whole story and I certainly don't have the room to put them all on here!

So I called and told everyone we knew. All the girls responded by asking if it was everything I had dreamed of... notsomuch because I am not that creative and NEVER could have come up with anything this good. The fellas were a different story. All the married guys responded with "Man i am glad I am already married!" and all the single guys responded by saying they now hate *Adam because they can't top that proposal!! Yeah, that's right, I snagged a creative and romantic guy!


ka1t_lyn said...

sorry, forgot to look at the date you posted this, but found it via a weddingbee link! either way, i just wanted to say that i'm emailing your post to my boyfriend (hopefully fiance one of these days) and that i have some SERIOUS ring envy :)

Ashley said...

this is the CUTEST story ever! I'm jealous!