Wedding Location Pt 1: At Home? Destination? wait...who's home? hometown? Mine or yours? Where we live now? or where we'll be next year?...

Ahh the fun of military life... never in one place for too long. And we were not high school sweethearts from the same town... or state.... or state of mind! So before we delve into the world of flowers, themes, dresses and linens - we need to start with a city, or at least a state. And wow we have such a range of options!!

I am from Panama City, Fl. He's from Manheim, PA. We started dating in Hilo, HI. At the time he was living (and loving) in Seattle, while I was living in Hilo. We currently live in Pensacola, (the cradle of naval aviation) and we love it here. Waiting to find out our first air station which could send us to San Fran, Los Angeles, Oahu, Puerto Rico, or Savannah. And I could really picture a wedding in each of these places. eek! Too many options!!! And this list doesn't even include destination possibilities!

A Hawaiian Wedding could be great and very "us". I love the beach. I love being barefoot. Adam and I always had a fantastic time when he came to visit me in Hawaii. I love tropical flowers and Hawaiian traditions.

This inspiration board from Elizabeth Ann Designs
just makes me want to go back and celebrate the next phase of our love right where it began.

But many of our friends are still in their first jobs out of college or in grad school or for other reasons are financially strapped. We really want all our friends to have the best possibility of being able to be there to celebrate with us. Alas - airline tickets just aren't cheap enough, and it requires so much travel time, we decided that we would at least keep it to the mainland.

Ok, so we've knocked out Hawaii and any other "destination wedding" spot thats not attached to the continental US. Wow there are still a lot of options to go!

Ahead: Small details start to form our wedding ideas... and an air station fake out!


rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...

Have a small wedding and celebration in the city where the majority of family or friends live, then host another smaller party where the next biggest group is.

*Michelle said...

I love that idea, but there is no 1 city that has "most" friends or family... but I am loving the multiple small celebrations idea! Mahalo!