Silly Questions = Silly Answers

So while still in the "spreading the news" phase of engagement I was constantly being questioned with "So, when's the date?" Mind you, this question was being posed less than 24 hours into the engagement. For a while I was going with the "We are waiting to find out where we will be stationed before we decide."

Note: My fiance (Adam) is a Coast Guard pilot in training. So we knew that sometime in the fall or winter of 08 we would be moving to our first air station.

We knew that we weren't going for a quick and dirty style of planning, so that meant at earliest we were looking at "warmer months" of 2009. (I have never lived more than a mile north of I-10 so I am a complete WUSS about the cold!)

But "warmer months of 09" apparently is not specific enough for the inquisitive crowd, who wanted a specific date to mark in their calendars... (umm - who said you were coming?) so I came up with alternative answers.
Nosies: "When's the big day?"
Me: "Oh, it was last week. I was wondering why you weren't there!"
(enter very confused look of "didn't you tell me you just got engaged?)

Nosies: "When's the big day?"
Me: "The 3rd Blue Moon after the 2nd harvest before Easter."
(enter very confused look of trying to figure out what that meant)

images courtesy of: MidnightCafe Cyprus property and istockphoto.com

Did anyone else get the questions that make you wonder what the h*ll went through their mind before asking it?