Weeping Willow Dream

So, I absolutely love these!! I actually had a dream shortly after getting engaged that I was
walking barefoot in the grass towards a beautiful weeping willow that was full of hanging lights in the branches. When I got to it I realized I was in a wedding dress and the greens of the willow were pulled aside like curtains and inside were my wedding guests and standing at the trunk was my Adam. It was beautiful! Unfortunately, we also want to have a big 'ol celebration and have friends and family there... unless the worlds largest weeping willow is near by, probably not going to happen... but it sure was pretty! So now I'm looking into lighting effects (like those above) to get that beautiful feel. (Images thanks to: Idees Deco Lucky Me Sarah K Chen)

I am sure every bride-to-be has had dreams or nightmares over invitations, decor, or being naked walking down the aisle (i've had some of these and i'll fill you in as I post - stay tuned!).... anyone else had some beautiful dreams that may or may not come true?