Tootsie Turning Point

The first thing I decided about the wedding (and yes, here I say I because its a "me" thing) was that I would be barefoot! (Hence the Barefoot part of the blog title!) I grew up on the beach and wore flip flops in the winter and only if shoes were required. I looked a little out of place in Orlando (where I started college) as I was barefoot in class next to girls wearing Gucci and Monolo Blhaniks (funny story about my monolo moment i'll tell you about later). Needless to say, I was much more in my element in Hawaii where many of us went barefoot, and if you were wearing slippers (flip flops - pronounced slip-ahs) you ditched them at the door as no one wore shoes inside the house. A number of times I would walk to class (I lived no more than 2 miles from campus so I normally walked) and only when I got inside the classroom and stepped on the cold tiled floors (classrooms were some of the few air conditioned places in the city) would I realize that I wasn't wearing shoes!!! Hot pavement, no big deal - cold tile floors?? EEK! And on top of this, I am also 100% Grade A, run into the wall, Klutz. There is no doubt in my mind that if I am in shoes, I'll not only trip during my aisle walk - i'll do a full blown face plant. No, thanks! The dress will be long enough to cover my nude tootsies!

So you would think that this revalation would automatically mean beach wedding! Notsoquick there zoomie. My toes will be covered by the dress, and I will be comfortable.. that's all thats determined. This doesn't mean it'll be outdoors. I have NO issue walking down the aisle of a church in barefeet. I've done it before, at a wedding no less!! (Though it wasn't intended and I'll tell you that crazy happening here soon.)

Here's the really fun part... Adam wants to be barefoot too!!!

(Images Courtesy of Me! See the foot with the Stars tattoo? Yup - those are my tooties! Each picture has a full story, but I'll give you the quick rundown. 4 feet in water - my foot and several classmates and friends from the Biosphere 2 in Arizona. We were in Mexico for a weekend for research when I snapped that. Random foot in the air - thats my foot in my first apartment in Hawai'i... no good reason other than fun behind that shot. Foot at edge of waterfall - thats my foot at the edge of a hidden waterfall on Hawai'i. Muddy footprint - thats my footprint in the mud on Maui at "dragon's teeth". Toes over the edge - Adam and my tootsies over the edge at Pearl Harbor... thats why the oil slick on the water below. Toes in the white sand - Adam and I on our 2 year anniversary picnic at the beach... totally his planning! And last (actually its the first on one the page) but not least (its actually one of my favorite pictures of all time) Adam and I at Punalu'u Black Sand Beach on Hawai'i. I can't put my finger (or toe!) on why I love that one so much, but I do. To me, I see it and it really reminds me of how our love feels... which makes me VERY happy we will be barefoot when we officially commit our lives together.)

Anyone else have any quirky aspects to their wedding or favorite pictures that no one else really "gets"?