Showered with Love: Part 3 - The Party!

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After a day of laying on the beach and recovery from the night before.. it was time for the party! If you remember from the invite, they wanted it to be a fun party and not a stuffy shower. So they skirted the word shower and made it on a Saturday night, but still included a list of our registries. We were a bit nervous, but excited. These were a lot of people I've known for most of my life and while they are incredibly fun and kind, I always feel like a little kid around them so I wasn't sure how this would go....
We started out by the door to greet everyone as they came in. At first it was really awkward waiting to pounce on guests. But as a few came in and started talking, it was better.

The boys are talking about flying, while only Momma Duck and Kat's mom seem to realize there is a camera aimed at them.

The men were smart and scooted outside since the weather was PERFECT! ... and right behind them is the bar.... ;-)

Victory is ours! We finally made it out to the bar too!

I'd kill for my living to look like this one day.. and this is their backyard!! And for anyone who is wondering, Yes, I thought about asking them for their backyard for the wedding. This is only 2 houses down from where I grew up.

Drinks in hand, everyone seemed to be having a damn good time.

Classic Jane shot. I think I had just told her that I MIGHT be mentioned in Modern Bride.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. Lord only knows what story our priest is telling! (Yup, this is your intro to Fr Steve who will be presiding over the ceremony.)

BAD PICTURE DAD! But the point of the picture is that there were cakes....3 VERY yummy cakes!!!!
All photos courtesy, (or to the blame of) my Dad.
Next, we all move it inside to open presents... Adam and I end up with mixing bowls on our heads... Stay tuned!


Wes & Rae Leytham said...

Umm, you need to give your dad more credit. That isn't a bad picture...it's art. He meant for it to be like that!

*Michelle said...

hehee = he's red/green color blind. He probably just thinks its a little dark!

It's A Jaime Thing said...

That backyard is awesome! Looks so much fun, congrats! :)

-Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing"