Showered with Love: Part 4 - Opening the Gifts

Now we are settling into the living room next to the big 'ol pile of presents.
You know how when some people talk, you WILL give them your undivided attention for fear of the consequences? The woman on the left is one of them. She's another Coastie Pilot mom and dude, when she went to talk to the Marine pilot (in the hat, behind the candle) it was "You. You are a Marine pilot, right? Come talk to me." I have never seen him toss out so many ma'ams or sit up so straight!! =) Ahh the fun of mixing new and old friends!

See me on the right? That's how I spent alot of the present opening time... clapping like a two year old. Most of these people have known me since I was 3, but still, I wish I hadn't given them visual reminders!

Josh was the only brave "kid" to stray into the unknown "adult" territory during the gift openening.... brave soul!

At this point, it ahd become a bit awkward and I think everyone was wishing they had had 1 more beer or margarita before gift opening. So, to break the tension, I decieded it was a good idea to put the mixing bowl on my head. Don't ask me why this occurred to me as a good idea! But nonetheless, everyone laughed alot and things were a little more comfortable.

Adam is not the best at recieving gifts. Even when he loves it, people wonder becuase he's not jumping for joy. So we decided this was the best route; he unwrapped the gifts while I read the cards. Attention off him and his initial reaction until I can do something silly... like put a bowl on my head. (Then he just turns red.) I highly recommend this! (The card reading vs unwrapping... not just anyone can pull off the mixing bowl on the head thing!)

From Eldest Bro and Sister-in-law who live in NYC and never cook. Their take out menu organizer is their cookbook! =) Well since LA will actually have more than 1 place that delivers food, this is going to rock. Thanks!

Oh, no, wait. I take back the thanks and replace it with... I'm going to kill you!!! Inside the takeout menu organizer is something to "heat up the kitchen". I turned as red as my dress!

Believe it or not, yes we registered for a doormat from a local art gallery. Paul Brent is a local artist who's gone global, and is a friend of the family... who's lurking in some of these photos too. We actually have two wall paintings to match this, so we are loving it.

Oy vey... more clapping...

While MOH Erka took notes on who gave what, Kat and Steph were the bow nazi's ...errr architechs. =)

All the girls lookin cute! Pat (Marine pilot above) and Steph (2nd from right) drove over from Pcola that day, and returned after the party. We were sad they weren't staying at the condo, but so glad they came!!

Remember my dilemma about hostess gifts? Well, the spice kits were a huge hit. They knew they were from us and not just my parents, it fit the theme, and I think they all genuinely appriciated them.

Lessons learned:
  • The Wii is just d*mn fun for a low-key party.
  • Always print directions for people and reiterate to CALL YOU if they get lost.
  • The person who is bad at showing excitement for gifts, should be the unwrapper.
  • Before you begin opening presents, make sure your margarita or wine glass is full!
  • Even though you've spent a long-arse time crafting your registries... be prepared to get things you don't want or need, and smile anyway!
  • Whoever is making the crazy-ass bow-quet thing - Just give them the damn bows asap!!
  • If your Dad is notorious for taking bad pictures, hand the camera to someone else!
  • When in awkward situation - put nearest bowl shaped object on head. :-) (I wonder if someday someone will list that as "best piece of wedding advice you've received".... maybe not! As my family and friends hope, I am one-of-a-kind.)
What did you learn from your shower/party?


Z said...

I so put that bowl on your head... and then one on mine...

The Pissed Off Bride said...

You are so blessed to have great people around you. Awesome and it looks like you all had a blast!

I was thinking about the gifts thing the other day. Spending so much time making a list and getting everything but what you really wanted. O well i guess. A gift is a gift?

Debbie D said...

I beg to differ, although our family needs only 1 person like you... I think the world would be alot more interesting if there were more people like you!