Bad Habit

No. I am not talking about that kind of "bad habit"... though since it is almost Halloween and we haven't picked costumes yet..hmmm... :-)

Actually, what I'm talking about has been my life for the past week. I've been sick, and I totally gave in to it. Normally, I am a "I am not tschickt" type of person who just tuff's it out. (Definition of tschickt: Sick, being said by a person who cannot actually breathe through their nose.) Not this time. This time I've fell like I've been hit by a bus, and it showed. As soon as I left my full day of work I would go home and lay down and not get up until I had to come back to work. I was active enough to skim the blogs I stalk.. but not write any. Sorry!
But, I feel better (not great, but better). Things are a little more manageable at work again, and we ahve a productive wedding weekend. So.... this time I'm not kidding when I say... I'm baaaackk!!! Proof: a real post will follow this one... soon!!