Nearest and Dearest: AKA Nutty Next of Kin

You think this would have been obvious.... but it has rather just occurred to me that my family is going to be ....well... my family... and at the wedding in all their insane glory. Considering how we rag on each other, and tend to embarrass each other in public, (For example: my Dad and I got scolded sitting in the front pew at church - from the priest in the pulpit!! My mother, sitting in the choir loft, turned SOOOO red!! It was hilarious!!) I am very glad we won't be doing the garter craziness... but then there are always the unexpected oppritunties that seem to be found.

At my brother's wedding a few years ago, some how my parents found out that the "chicken dance" was on their no play list. *A didn't want it played. Not that my family is particularly in to the chicken dance... my Dad still saw it as an oppritunity not to be missed. So AT THEIR RECEPTION my Dad grabs a mic and asks bride *A to come out to the dance floor...

*A is a little huffed that the "no chicken dance" seems to have been fully blamed on her. (i KNOW my bro didn't want it played either, but he fed her to the wolves...err..my family.)

He's got the mic to the chicken for a reason:
It plays music...you guess it "the chicken dance"

He's explaining that this is the perfect chicken for her because...

When you choke it, the chicken's cheeks light up and it sputters chocking/coughing/squawking sounds.

She might hate it, but this is actually one of my favorite pictures of SIL/Bridesmaid *A. When you suprise her with something she thinks is really funny, this is the face you get, accompanied by an infectious laugh. Its great.

Anyone else have a delayed reaction of "OMG, my family will be there!!"?


hbowar said...

I'm with you on this one! Although I've thought about it before, I just can't think about it!

Example - At one of my cousin's weddings, we all bought the couple the same cheap toaster from Wal-Mart. They ended up with approximately 20 of the same toasters. Although the got them money when they returned them, the Wal-Mart they went to almost didn't take them all back!

At my next cousin's wedding...people were armed with marshmallow shooters!

Just remember, it's all in good fun! :)